Prescription of Love

Mystery of the Iniquity


Take this hand-written prescription for the medicine it is intended to be. From The Healer.
Beyond our body and mind is our soul. GOD is THE BEST medicine for the body and soul. And ONLY GOD can heal the soul.


SO the DOCTOR is prescribing HIS Word:
Five times a day, for seven days.

Do it! IT will change your life. Don’t just read it…contemplate EVERY word of it.

This was written by David long, long ago! And although he felt the need was there, and I don’t doubt it for one second-look at the world around us! Many times we feel scared, helpless, restless, lost. There is comfort in the POWER of HIS Word.


The Lord is my shepherd:
THE Lord-there is NO other. HE is THE ONE AND ONLY.
Is-HE was, is and will always BE.
My-this is singular! Yes, David could have wrote it as a plural…

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