They Shall Become As One



I absolutely believe that we (as man and woman – in a relationship) were created to carry out 2 very distinct roles that equally contribute to One Whole – which is the union of LOVE between man and woman who honors themselves, each other and God!!

The STRENGTH of a man is actually in him being a Champion for his family and in his care, concern and reverence for his woman.  He should always be there by her side, to protect and defend and speak proudly of her to all… He is the one the family looks to as a role model. Not “do as I say, but do as I do”!  As a man, a husband, a father, a worker and spiritually as well — How he conducts himself and treats others resonates far louder than his words!!

The BEAUTY of a woman lies is in her kindness, compassion and her nurturing soul… Her role is always to support and enable her man to become ALL the Best he can be (just as she does her children) – in the home, workplace and the world in general!  She says “wait and listen”, and gently reminds him when acting brash or he wants to forge ahead too quickly!  He in turn does not see it as criticism but as a much-needed perspective that he wants and needs to have! She should always be assured that by him taking the “lead” it is understood that he does so WITH HER in mind and always by his side!!

A TRUER PARTNERSHIP can never be found when it is like this – the way it was intended to be!! I think we have a tendency to think of ourselves as separate individuals – having separate needs and objectives!  When God meant for us to BECOME AS ONE!!! To think and act in all ways as a UNIT and not two forces in opposition with each other or with greater distance growing between them as they travel down their individual paths!

It is intended that we should complement one another.  Each of our strengths can strengthen the other.   We are to edify one another – Always build each other up, not tear each other down.   For when we do this, when we truly act in the best interest of one another – in the family unit as a whole… Everyone grows and is strengthened by it!!

Much love to you all!!     ❤ ~ Bren ❤



Read “The Wife of Noble Character” – Proverbs 31 (The Holy Bible)

It is a true testament to the beauty and value of a good woman!

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A Mother’s Love

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4 thoughts on “They Shall Become As One

  1. This is very beautiful Bren, but unfortunately those men are so rare, or let’s say they are taken by the wrong women?
    It was so hard for me to trust a man. I am trying to change.

    • Thank you, Nicole!! Yes,, it sure does seem sometimes like “all the good ones are taken” and yes, even a lot of times it even appears as if by “unworthy” women! I have often said, “Why do the good guys go for the psychotic women and us good women end up with the bums and guys who don’t know how to be “real men”?” 🙂 BUT, I think it is important to keep in mind that God is NOT finished with me yet – In other words… The fat lady hasn’t sung!! It might be that there are still experiences in life we must have to be in a place where we will truly be able to not only recognize but appreciate that person long ago chosen for us! I do think that as society gets more and more weak and self-serving, it becomes rarer and rarer that we find people who take on the roles originally intended as men and women ~ But we must stand firm in our faith and have the confidence of our convictions and it will work out the way we hope it will one day!! 🙂 Trust is a hard to get back once lost, but God can heal those wounds and give us the strength to overcome even the worst hurts so we may trust again! The important thing is to be wise in our judgments of who and when to trust and in what capacity! A good friend of mine told me years ago something I have carried with me since… “Never let them know where your goat is tied!” – VERY WISE WORDS! 🙂 ~Bren

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